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O C T O B E R 2 0 1 9

Meanwhile, Ms. Dung from the FLC

Group said that, in recent years, Vietnam’s

tourism sector has recorded significant

achievements but revenue from tourism is

still to reach its full potential. She sug-

gested the government continue investing

in developing tourism infrastructure, be-

cause “despite the attention already paid,

it is still not enough.”

Mr. Nguyen Quang Son from the Para-

dise Group, which operates luxury cruises

onHa Long Bay, said Quang Ninh province

has only utilized its natural beaches so far.

He proposed creating artificial beaches, so

that visitors have more options. “I hope

private enterprises can be more involved,”

he said.

Concluding the discussion, Mr. Thien

agreed that the government needs to pro-

vide more active support to the private sec-

tor, especially in the tourism sector.

Mr. Doan Ngoc Xuan, Director of the

Department of Socio-Economic Affairs at

the Party Central Committee’s Economic

Commission and member of the National

Assembly in charge of monitoring the

tourism sector, who directly participated

in drafting Resolution No. 8 from the Polit-

buro on developing tourism into a key eco-

nomic sector, acknowledged the opinions

of representatives from the private tourism

sector at the discussion and said he expects

the private sector will make every effort so

that Vietnamwill be able to “leapfrog” for-

ward and catch up with Thailand and Sin-

gapore’s tourism sectors.

As usual, the 20th The Guide Awards

ended with a warm and delightful gala din-

ner. Participants came to the conclusion that

tourism has a “triple mission”: carrying out

the task of economic development; promot-

ing the image of the country and its people

to the world; and creating spiritual values to

improve the lives of Vietnamese people.

Apart from travel agencies, tourism

businesses and holidaymakers are impor-

tant factors in the field of tourism, with

specific products and services for tourists

being “links” in the tourism value chain.

Therefore, the performance of the tourism

industry is greatly affected not only by eco-

nomic development strategies in general

and those for tourism in particular, but

also from awareness of the missions and

roles of tourism enterprises directly in-

volved in tourism activities. “The presti-

gious The Guide Awards is also an

important link that is greatly appreciated

by Vietnam’s tourism community,” Mr.

Xuan said.